Degree Designation Project – Closing Survey [Jul. 2, 2018]

Results from ACAOM’s modified-Delphi, degree designation project informed the development of a widely advertised national survey (in English, Chinese and Korean languages) launched in August 2017. The Commission engaged an independent statistician to conduct data analysis of the over 1,700 responses received.

Results indicated consensus around two degree titles: (1) post-graduate doctorate: Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM), and (2) entry-level degree in acupuncture: Master/Doctor of Acupuncture. Data indicated lack of consensus for entry-level degrees in Oriental medicine.

The Commission engaged in significant deliberation regarding how to proceed, including options such as designate a title from the survey that was not generally agreeable, defer a decision thereby perpetuating the multitude of degree titles, or propose a title not presented in the survey for public comment. Discussions were robust and reflective of the Commission’s diverse membership backgrounds, which includes professionals within the AOM community, higher education administrators and educators, and members of the public. The Commission agreed in that (1) preserving the terms “acupuncture” and “medicine” in the degree title was important to support branding and recognition of the profession, and (2) the World Health Organization’s definition of “traditional medicine” appropriately addressed the broad scope of the curricula accredited by ACAOM.

Accordingly, the Commission agreed to disseminate a closing survey to solicit community opinion.  The survey is being administered online, and may be accessed at the following URL:

Responses must be received no later than 5:00pm US Central Time on Tuesday, July 31, 2018.