ACAOM publishes complete Comprehensive Standards [Jan. 23, 2019]

Comprehensive Standards now incorporate all ACAOM-accredited programs

The Commission has completed the process of incorporating all ACAOM-accredited programs into a single set of Comprehensive Standards and Criteria for Accreditation (“Comprehensive Standards”). Institutional standards and criteria as well as those applying to master’s level programs, Chinese herbal medicine certificate programs, professional doctorate programs [PD] and post-professional doctorate programs [DAOM] are all included within the 10 unified standards. The unification process did not involve a major revision of the master’s level or post-professional doctorate criteria, but rather a reconfiguration into the standards and criteria structure previously adopted for the professional doctorate program.

Master’s level programs were initially incorporated into the Comprehensive Standards in April, 2018. Chinese herbal medicine certificate programs were added in August, 2018. All self-study submissions involving these programs should be using the Comprehensive Standards, which are unchanged in these areas.

The January 2019 edition is the first to include the post-professional doctorate, following a public comment process in November/December, 2018. Post-professional doctorate self-studies due after 1 April 2019 are required to utilize the Comprehensive Standards.

The Comprehensive Standards are published at: