Consideration of ACAOM Name Change Currently Underway [15 Jun 2021]

15 June 2021

As part of its ongoing review of community perceptions surrounding the use of the word “Oriental,” ACAOM is currently considering a name change for the organization. This follows the Commission’s earlier decision to rename degrees to eliminate the use of the term “Oriental” from master’s and professional doctorate programs accredited by ACAOM.

ACAOM recognizes the complexities associated with an organizational name change and has therefore directed its staff to explore all options, including but not limited to identifying appropriate naming options, considering potential impacts a name change will have both internally and externally, and establishing a timeline for notification of other regulatory bodies and our community stakeholders. 

It is important to note that a name change is not something that can be fully implemented over night and that while ACAOM believes the time has come for a change, it is also fully committed to ensuring that the process is executed seamlessly and in compliance with relevant laws and regulatory requirements.

Questions regarding this ongoing review may be directed to