ACAHM Logo Design Contest [12 November 2021]

The Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (ACAHM) is looking for a new visual identity to go along with its new name and needs your help.  We are seeking talents from the acupuncture and East Asian medicine community who can produce a creative, innovative and professional logo design. Please read below for more details regarding logo design, contest rules & submission requirements.


The purpose of this contest is to design a logo for use by ACAHM in all media – including online, print, on merchandise and other visual collateral.  Following are the official contest rules:

  • To be eligible, entrants must be current students, faculty members, employees or alumni of an acupuncture and/or herbal medicine program or institution accredited or previously accredited by ACAHM.  Spouses and/or domestic partners of eligible entrants may jointly participate with the eligible entrant in this contest.  This contest is not open to design companies, educational institutions, or other organizations.
  • Entrants may submit no more than two (2) unique entries (a separate Entry Form must accompany each submission)
  • Logo design submissions must be original artwork of the entrant and must not include, be based on, or derived from any pre-existing or third-party designs, trademarks, or copyrighted images. 
  • Entrants must certify that the logo design submission does not infringe upon the rights of any third party and that it does not violate any copyright.
  • All entries will become the property of ACAHM.  By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees that any and all intellectual property rights in and to the logo design submission are deemed assigned to ACAHM, and entrant further agrees to execute any documents necessary to confirm the assignment.
  • Except where prohibited by law, a submission into this contest constitutes the entrant’s permission to use the winner’s name, likeness, prize information, and information provided by the entry form for publicity purposes, without further permission or compensation.
  • The decision of the Selection Committee is final.
  • The selected winner MUST submit a scalable vector version of the winning logo design so that it is adaptable to electronic and print media, to reproduction on small and large surfaces, and to use in color or in grayscale.
  • ACAHM reserves the right to modify the winning logo to better fit the needs of the initiative.


  • The purpose of the contest is to design a logo for ACAHM. The logo must be appropriate for a professional business setting.  The logo may be used online, in print, and on various merchandise (name tags, clothing, etc.). Flexibility is a key requirement, including the need to resize easily and to look good in black and white as well as in color.
  • The design should be visually appealing on both small (as small as 2 cm x 2 cm) and large scales.
  • The logo must contain the ACAHM acronym. You may use your choice of colors, but all colors should be web-friendly. We advise against the use of halftones and gradients unless created inside a vector graphics program.
  • This image should not be photographic (see below for information on graphic formats), and must not contain any other text besides that required above.
  • Logo designs may be submitted in *.jpg, *.png, *.gif or *.psd formats. 
  • Due to the requirements for high quality printing and re-sizing, the contest winner will be required to provide the winning logo in scalable vector graphic format (*.psd, *.ai, etc.)

Contest Prize:

The winner of ACAHM’s logo design contest will receive a one-time $ 1,000 [USD] award.

ACAHM’s Selection Committee reserves the right not to select a winner if, in its sole discretion, no suitable entries are received.

How to Enter:

To enter ACAHM’s logo design contest, entrants must:

  1. Complete the Official Entry Form, which you can download here
  2. Submit your completed Entry Form and logo design to
  3. Please use the subject line “LOGO DESIGN CONTEST”.
  4. The submission deadline is Wednesday, December 15, 2021 at 5:00PM US Central Time.