ACAHM EDvera: New documents added [20 April 2023]

Two new documents have been added to ACAHM EDvera for use by accredited programs and institutions:

  • Change 2.XX Prior Notification and Reviews
  • Change 3.XX Post-Implementation Notification

The Change 2.XX Prior Notification and Reviews document is for submissions that relate to sections 2.01 through 2.06 of the Commission’s Notification of Change Policy. These are changes that require prior notification and review by the Commission:

  • 2.01: Any significant change to present facilities.
  • 2.02: Any significant change to an ACAHM-accredited program.
  • 2.03: Any change in the name of an ACAHM-accredited institution or any change in the name of an ACAHM-accredited program.
  • 2.04: Bankruptcy or reorganization filings.
  • 2.05: Voluntary withdrawal of accreditation from ACAHM or another accrediting agency.
  • 2.06: Suspending student matriculation in an ACAHM-accredited/pre-accredited program for a period not to exceed one calendar year.

The Change 3.XX Post-Implementation Notification document is for submissions that relate to sections 3.01 through 3.06 of the Commission’s Notification of Change Policy. These are changes that require post-implementation notification of the Commission:

  • 3.01: Actions taken by external agencies that may affect the accredited or pre-accredited institution/program (the Notification of Change Policy lists a number of examples).
  • 3.02: Any qualified or adverse statement, or statement related to an institution’s status as a “going concern”, included in an audited financial statement or financial review report.
  • 3.03: A change in leadership of administration or governing body.
  • 3.04: Any matter that may be deemed to significantly impact the character or quality of the institution or ACAHM-accredited program.
  • 3.05: A twenty percent (20%) or more increase or decrease in the size of the faculty or student population as compared to the annual report the institution submitted to ACAHM for the previous year.
  • 3.06: The destruction of an institution or a significant part of its facilities.

Going forward, all of these items must be reported via the ACAHM EDvera system. Related forms have already been removed from the ACAHM website. Submissions relating to these sections of the Notification of Change Policy that are submitted via Email, Google Drive, etc. will not be accepted by the Commission after 28 April 2023. The Commission’s Document Submission Instructions have been changed to reflect the use of ACAHM EDvera.

While institutional liaisons are not listed as required administration personnel in section 3.03, described above, we ask that you use the Change 3.XX form to report/request changes in liaison. The Policy provides a post-change notification period of 30 days. In the event of a liaison change, we recommend that institutions report that change and provide a replacement as quickly as possible, in order to assure continuous access to EDvera and communications from the Commission.

Consult the ACAHM EDvera User Manual for more information about how to use ACAHM EDvera, including creation of new documents. More new documents will be transitioning to ACAHM EDvera in the next few weeks.