Distance Education Policy revised to reflect recently received information

In response to recently received clarifying information, the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine (ACAHM or Commission) has revised its Distance Education Policy. Specifically, the Policy’s previous definition of “Distance Education Courses and Programs” and its accompanying footnote and illustration were deleted to align the policy with the US Department of Education’s current definition of distance education. This change is effective immediately. Consequently, ACAHM-accredited programs and institutions must receive 1.15 substantive change accreditation for distance education from ACAHM by 7 October 2023 if they wish to continue offering courses or any portion of an ACAHM-accredited program via distance education beyond that date.

ACAHM-accredited institutions and programs who have not yet submitted a complete 1.15 substantive change application for distance education accreditation are encouraged to review ACAHM’s revised Distance Education Policy to determine how, if at all, these revisions may impact their respective operations and, if necessary, timely submit a 1.15 substantive change application to the Commission via EDvera.