Be sure to view/download the most recent version of all Commission resources. Due to the ACAHM name change in progress, most documents will be updated over the next several weeks. Some updates may be substantive, as content updates were previously scheduled.

Standards and Criteria

ACAHM Comprehensive Standards and Criteria [5 August 2022]

Index page of ACAHM Comprehensive Standards and Criteria for ACAHM-accredited institutions and programs.

The Commission also makes available a reference copy of the Comprehensive Standards and Criteria for Accreditation (“Comprehensive Standards”) for the reading convenience of the general public. The individual Introduction, Standards and Revision History documents posted on the Commission’s website represent the official publication of the Comprehensive Standards. While the Commission makes suitable effort to assure that the reference copy reflects the contents of the official publication, the reference copy is not warranted as such.

Self-Study Resources

Self-Study Guide [for self-study process and preparation] [8 November 2019]

ACAHM Document Submission Instructions [14 April 2023]

 The following cover sheets are for use when submitting a Self-Study Report to the Commission:

Self-Study Report Cover Sheet – Part 1 [all program types] [23 November 2021]

Self-Study Report Cover Sheet – Part 2 [master’s level; Chinese herbology certificates; professional doctorate] [23 November 2021]

Attestation/Signature Page for Self Study and Other Reports [17 March 2021]

Position Papers

The Commission issues position papers from time to time, regarding issues or questions of interest to accredited/pre-accredited programs and institutions.  Position papers are not official statements of the Commission, and do not supersede Commission policies, standards, criteria or other official documents.

ACAHM-accreditable Doctoral Programs [4 February 2022]

Compliance with Out-of-State Educational Activities [21 September 2023]

EAM Bachelor’s Degrees [24 January 2018]

English Language Courses and Programs [15 February 2018]

Faculty and Guest Lecturer Clarification [20 October 2018]

Guidelines for Developing Certificate Program Accreditation Requirements [19 February 2022]

Multi-Purpose Institution Clarification [14 November 2017]

Out-of-State Clinical Training [24 May 2019]

Professional Doctoral Program Admissions [2 December 2020]

Recognition of Foreign Qualifications [14 November 2017]

Title IV Eligibility for Graduate and Professional Students [28 September 2022]

Site Visitor / Site Visit Resources

ACAHM Site Visit Manual [for institutions and site visitors] [14 January 2022]

ACAHM Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics Guide [16 February 2019]

ACAHM Legal and Regulatory Compliance Checklist [4 May 2022]

Commissioner Resources

ACAOM Commissioner Manual [18 November 2020]